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Kickback to Kids!

Shop in our School Store for your personal supplies and 5% of your purchase will go to the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at your school of choice!

Kickback to Kids!

Welcome to Kickback to Kids and the new way of fundraising for our schools. Parents, grandparents, teachers, school employees, aunt Millie from Dubuque, office managers or business owners can now shop from over two million items in our School Store.

FIVE percent (5%) of your purchase will be donated back to the school PTO of your choice. Browse our teacher listing and make note of the reference code for a specific school and start shopping in our School Store. If you don’t have a preference for a school of choice, we will direct your donation to a school in need.


Everyone is fundraising these days and some schools do it just to keep their lights on. Kids sell Candy bars, cookies, wrapping paper, pizza, discount cards, this-a-athon, and that-a-thon. Kickback To Kids can replace some or all fund raising activities when the Parent Teacher Organization uses it effectively. The organization will receive 5% back of all purchases made through the School Store at Fund My Classroom. Get money back on all of the items you are purchasing daily, weekly and monthly! You’re spending it anyway, why not with us? Easy Peasy.

Give 5% back wtih Kickback to Kids!


Purchase supplies or help fund a field trip for a teacher’s classroom

Donate through “Foster a Classroom” and be assigned to a specific classroom (kind of like a pen pal), build a relationship and ask how else you can help.

Tell others about us and ask them to help. Share us on Facebook.

Buy your personal supplies through our School Store to give 5% back to a school (shampoo, printer cartridges, granola bars, new pots and pans, towels, pens, and about anything you can think of except maybe a live elephant)

Tell a teacher how much you appreciate them or write them a note.