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Foster a Classroom!

It is no secret that across the United States funds are being cut from our schools. Teachers teach because they love our kids. But did you know they love our kids so much they buy their own classroom supplies, supplement field trips for those that can’t afford it, purchase snacks for kids who don’t have food, winter clothing for those without, and other items that go beyond the scope of providing an education? This amounts to over 1.6 billion dollars annually and is increasing each year. Please foster a classroom and support a teacher today.

How you can help!

By fostering a classroom for only $200, you express a world of gratitude to a teacher for the work they do with our kids. You help to relieve the financial pressure that all teachers experience (some up to $4,000 a year or more). Consider developing an ongoing arm’s length relationship (for safety reasons) and send an occasional card of encouragement. Be available if a teacher has a question. Find out what additional needs they may have. By caring, you have motivated a teacher through a difficult day or two. They are knowledge warriors.


Upon making your donation, you will be randomly paired with a classroom from your area. This is exciting! Wait for the first contact from the teacher and proceed with respect of their time – remember you are part of the solution. Send them an occasional uplifting message of support and see how you can help. Your foster situation may become very active and you may not hear much at all. Either way, we promise, your gift was greatly appreciated.
And remember, behind every brain surgeon, rock star, electrical engineer, teacher, astronaut, fire fighter, accountant, and bus driver were a collection of teachers who set them on their journey of becoming.