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Hello and thank you for your interest in our ambassador program. We at Fund My Classroom are passionate about children and the most important people that help shape them. “Teachers.” We are currently looking for teachers, educators and professionals all across the United States to help bring awareness to the ever growing shortfalls in classrooms. With teacher out of pocket costs of 1.6 billion a year together we can educate, share and get our communities involved to help cover the rising epidemic.

Who are our ambassadors?

Our ambassadors are teachers, administration and community professionals aimed at carrying out our mission. We are actively seeking passionate people that are interested in changing their own classrooms and communities.

Who is our audience?

Teachers. Strange if you ask any teachers they all spend money out of pocket. Gym, music, library, art, english etc.  They all specialize in many fields and they all require their own set of tools to do so.

Being transparent about what we want

We are looking for our ambassadors to spread the word about Fund My Classroom. We are hopeful that as an ambassador you will encourage all the teachers in your school district to sign up and share Fund My Classroom with their co-workers, friends and community. We need you to reach out to all your social friends and encourage others to do the same. We are changing the face of how teachers raise money and fund their everyday classroom needs.

What can you look forward to?

Changing Lives.  We together can make a difference. Our ambassadors will be invited to a monthly webinar where we will share our success and introduce new products and ideas available. Also, we will use this opportunity to get their opinion on our brand and some of your business initiatives, it’s a great research opportunity and will help you better understand public perception and how to influence it.  We will also hold an annual conference in different locations for you to attend and enjoy meeting each other, attend seminars and social events.

Are there expectations with this relationship?

Nothing is free, not even experiences, so in this case we are simply asking for a little time and a whole lot of passion. We want you to communicate your experience with your following or with their friends.  Working as an ambassador is a very rewarding process, because as an ambassador you are becoming a solution and a hero to many teachers.   So, once you have your teachers in hand and they are signed up with wish lists, disclose Fund My Classroom and go public. Contact your local news, media, print and let everyone know. To sum it up, finding and building ambassadors is a lot like building a trust driven community sustained by transparent relationships. The work may be heavy at first, but the result is well worth the effort.

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