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Forces For Kids LogoSelfless. We are a group of people dedicated to meaningful community impact by providing a convenient vehicle for education related projects and non-profit companies to raise funds that are cost and overhead free. We care about our communities. Our low profit mission is to support our communities through Fundmyclassroom.com, Fundkidsports.com and Bidtocare.com.

Classrooms today are underfunded and teachers find themselves spending from their own limited resources to fill the gap. Fundmyclassroom.com is a website free of charge and easy to use that provides funding opportunities with 100% of proceeds directed back to the classroom. Teachers are able to register for a variety of school supplies and resources, Parents log in and select items to purchase from this list and items are shipped directly to the school. It’s that easy. In addition, Fundmyclassroom.com can be used to raise funds for specific projects such as playground equipment and field trips to anywhere such as Washington, D.C. or Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.

With schools having less and less funding, extracurricular sports are no longer a priority. There continues to be a desire for kids to play sports and for our communities to turn out competitive athletes. We developed Fundkidsports.com with the idea that all the pizzas, candy bars, and wrapping paper can be sold through a website so you can send your Auntie living in Oklahoma a link to order. Or if the team needs new uniforms, a project can be set up and funded through the website.

In today’s economic environment corporate giving is down, grants are limited and non-profits are struggling. Bidtocare.com is an online charitable giving website available to all non-profit organizations. A potential donor is able to donate items through an online auction venue. Once the auction has been completed, a check for 100% of the proceeds is sent to the donor’s non-profit organization of choice. A non-profit would be able to conduct an online silent auction without having to organize and fund an event to accompany it.

Forces For Kids needs funds to sustain, grow and create much needed jobs. We are committed to doing so through corporate underwriting and sponsorships and NOT as a cost to our intended beneficiaries. Excess funds above and beyond sustainability will be given back to communities through presented humanitarian projects. We are redefining giving.

Welcome to Forces For Kids, from grateful hearts and kind spirits.

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