Four Steps for Fast Classroom Funding

By Fund My Classroom

After you sign up with Fund My Classroom you can do a few things to speed up classroom donations. Get school funding fast with these four easy steps.

1. Make a Video

Making a short video with your class is both enjoyable for students and a great way to bring in classroom funding. In your short film, update the community on what material the class is covering. Show how Fund My Classroom requests will improve and assist in the learning process.

2. Share on Social Media

In addition to your video, post your Wishlist or project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Include a picture of students to help put a face to your classroom’s campaign. Don’t forget to ask others to share your school fundraising efforts.

3. Use Fund My Classroom Resources

Visit the Resource Center at You’ll find free flyers, postcards and letters to parents. These tactics are friendly, customizable and efficient. Use all three options for best results!

4. Share the Magic

Reaching out and interacting with past donors can be a mutually rewarding experience. Community members love to hear how students benefited from Fund My Classroom. Often, you’ll find you enjoy the conversation even more. As you know, educators find few things more exciting than helping students learn.

- Fund My Classroom